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Be an invaluable bridge for an expanding Chinese-speaking world.

Chinese society has always been visible all over the world, well before people started to use the term "globalization". The Chinese language is a global language in a way different from English. Looking at the world through a Chinese lens, not only through English or Japanese, allows one to discover even more measures to deal with issues in modern, evolving societies. The size of the Chinese language classes is small and through the Study Abroad program, students gain new perspectives from their new environment.

Successful completion of the 4-year curriculum aims at the following minimum scores on Chinese proficiency measurements:
Chugokugo Kentei Grade 2
Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Level 8

sample class

Senmon Enshu 1

Presentations and discussions on experiences from studying abroad give depth to your understanding of the foreign culture you were exposed for a year. Focus is on issues related to Chinese society and relations between Japan and China, with the goal of exploring and developing the possible connections.
sample class