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Take advantage of your 4 years in touch with all that is Japan

Our Japanese course aims at a comfortable grasp of Japanese cultural tenets and aspects for students who come to study from other countries. The primary studies of Japanese language are carried out in small classes. Communication skills will be honed and cultural understanding will be broadened through the Seminar on Japanese Society, and also through a program of cultural-immersion experiences. These activities take the place of the study abroad done by those in the English and Chinese courses. The Senmon Enshu gives its participants grounding and necessary techniques for research.

Successful completion of this four-year curriculum aims at the following minimum scores on Japanese proficiency measurements:
Test of Practical Japanese (J-Test) Pre-A Level
Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT) J1 Level

4-year Japanese Course Program

4-year Japanese Course Program

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Theory and Practice of Interpretation 1

Interpreters serve as facilitators for smooth communication and accurate understanding among speakers from varying linguistic-cultural backgrounds. These courses train such interpreters for Chinese or Korean language situations.
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