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Study Abroad

An integrated of study abroad equips all students with immediately applicable skills, and provides the experience of a real international community through the campus life.

Study Abroad Required Study Abroad in the Curriculum adds depth and breadth to your practical communication skills across the board.

SA Opportunities

Uniquely GC

Practical Skills in Communication

Small class size ensures students' thorough and well-rounded development of the four main skills in communication, speaking, listening, writing and reading. A step-by-step curriculum and a personalized approach enable students to gain useful and readily applicable interpersonal skills.

Study Abroad for All Students Enrolled in English Course and Chinese Course

All the students of the English and Chinese Courses will experience a one-year Study Abroad program in the countries where the respective languages are spoken. Through this long-term experience abroad, students gain an unusually nuanced understanding of foreign cultures, raising the level of their abilities and increasing their chances of contributing significantly to a rapidly-changing world.

A required Seminar Project for all three course curricula

The climax of each of the 4-year curricula is the Seminar Project, undertaken by all students. Students take initiative in proposing, planning, and administering original projects such as an international conference or an event of cultural exchange. Through the management of the project, students will acquire practical communication skills necessary when working in the global environment.

Faculty of Global Communications

Be competent and confident.
Learn what it means to participate with others on the international stage.
Be an invaluable bridge for an expanding Chinese-speaking world.
Take advantage of your 4 years in touch with all that Japan.