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Doshisha Extends its Already Wide Worldview,
Educating future leaders for Global Cooperation

Doshisha's name, meaning "One Purpose," has always aimed for maximum involvement with the world and its many and varied societies. Our graduates, over our 135-year history, have spread around the globe making their own unique contributions to cultures and communications.The opening of our Faculty of Global Communications deepens and expands on this tradition of striving to be on the cutting edge of the academic world as it integrates itself with all facets of society.

Three courses of study, English, Chinese and Japanese, equip students with the valuable and complex language skills that are important and yet difficult to master, and along with them, the consciousness of how to adapt, proceed and succeed in the many aspects of the rapidly-changing world. With the good knowledge of strategies acquired in the Faculty of Global Communications (GC), graduates are expected to become talented facilitators, negotiators and administrators in the current and still-to-emerge organizations and relationship possibilities in international business, education and culture.

Faculty of Global Communications

Be competent and confident.
Learn what it means to participate with others on the international stage.
Be an invaluable bridge for an expanding Chinese-speaking world.
Take advantage of your 4 years in touch with all that Japan.

The World Needs YOU to have Outstanding Communicative Skills for the Success of a Rapidly Evolving and Culturally Expanding World

The GC Curriculum / Goal Flow Chart
The GC Curriculum / Goal Flow Chart
The GC Curriculum / Goal Flow Chart