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Learning about Japan at the Faculty of Global Communications

Many foreigners, even if they have good Japanese skills and work for Japanese companies, feel that there is a communication barrier between them and Japanese people. At the Faculty of Global Communications of Doshisha University, students gain sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge to overcome this barrier. Why not study with us in Kyoto, the historical and cultural center of Japan, and develop outstanding communication skills so that you can play a leading role in Japan’s globalizing society?


Curriculum for in-depth learning of Japanese language,
culture and society


Learning practical Japanese

Learning practical Japanese
  • Master the basics of Japanese and achieve the Japanese proficiency level required for a university student and company employee in the first year.
  • Achieve sufficient Japanese proficiency to serve as an interpreter, translator or business professional from the second year.

Studying the Japanese language in depth

Studying the Japanese language in depth
  • Students will examine both Japanese and their own language objectively and comprehensively, and develop sufficient Japanese proficiency to perform high-level specialized services such as interpretation and translation.
  • Students are taught to constantly assess their ability to communicate in Japanese, and thus pursue more sophisticated communication even after completing the course.

Learning about Japanese society and culture

Learning about Japanese society and culture
  • Students can develop a correct understanding of the Japanese social system, as well as the value of modern and traditional Japanese culture, from a global perspective.
  • Students can develop a multicultural mindset, a diverse outlook, and the ability to cope with various problems they may face in society, and thus play an active role in Japanese society.

Participating in Japanese society

Participating in Japanese society
  • Students can develop a deep understanding of the characteristics and problems of Japanese society by interacting with people with various backgrounds in society.
  • Students can learn how to engage with companies and local residents as members of society.


Percentage of students employed in Japan
(among students wishing to work in Japan)

All students of the Japanese Course wishing to work in Japan succeeded in finding a job in Japan.

Main companies that have employed graduates of the Japanese Course

Panasonic, Sharp, Rakuten, Lawson, Accenture, P&G Prestige, Max Mara,and others